Friday, September 11, 2009

Spring time for us

Li pumpkin

As the weather warms up here in Australia ,, its time to go out and play and ditch the big bulky clothes ,,, SPRING TIME,,, and I love this time of the year,, when the weather is perfect...

Yup.. perfect for a pictorial... My lil Miss Bianca is growing fast ,, soon she will be in Big school this coming January and she is so excited about it....

I love taking photos of her ,, capture her changes,, and loves dressing her up too... because when she turns into a teenager it would be a stressful year,,, with so much things to worry about like boys, friends, sleep over, sports, studies, finding  best acne treatment  , internet, facebook, and so much more.... yes,,, I know all about it,, Ive got a 15 year old girl and I  tell you its not easy to manage a teenager... 
So Im enjoying every bit of it......


  1. hi mommy joy...its been so long na nde kita not hunting toys na kasi pero mag ha hunt p dn miss ko n nga eh ehheeh nagloloko kasi ang cam ko kaya nakakinis eheheh =) nweis ang cute cute ng baby mo tlga! and uu nga ang laki n nya...base sa mga pno post mong pics before eh lumaki n sya and lalung gumaganda! =) hays baby ko is 3 n half na and dami na dng activities...hay lalu n cguro pag nag dalaga na like yung panganay mo =0 good day mommy joy!!

  2. same sentiments here, although i dont have a teenager yet, but im enjoying much of my time dolling up my baby kasi ngayon lang yan..You lil Bianca is getting even prettier eveyday. Kung photographer ako, i love her to be my kid model.

  3. Bianca's having a tea party ah...and ang cute na ni Bianca and parang dalagita na oh. I can't wait to see all of you.

    Ate jen

  4. Ang bilis talaga ng panahon & look at your darling Bianca ang laki na nya & she's so pretty.Mag-aalala ka talaga sa kanya pag nagdalaga na sya.

  5. aw she is really really pretty!! :)

    anyways joy i have a new meme and it will launch this thursday please join ha if u have time :)

    visit my girls rule blog for details. see u!!