Friday, September 11, 2009

Mommy Moments (Hat day)

mommy moments

Mommy Moments for this week is  HAT DAY,, almost everyday here in Oz is hat day especially for the kids,, It is a big campaign to wear a hat ,sunglasses and put sunscreen on .  The sun's ray is so intense and  we need to protect ourselves.. 
In fact ,,Ive got heaps of freckles / sun spots on my face !!!!!!! and I hate it!!!!!
Anyway in school there have a rule  "No Hat ,, No Play!!!" 
At home Ive got hundreds of hats lying around everywhere.....  and I love Cowboy hats ,, see my pics????  Even when kids go for a swim they have a special hat on to cover their faces and I always encourage the kids to wear a hat...

So when the theme came up about hats ,, I have no problems ,, in fact I ve got thousand of pics  wearing hat,, and that makes my computer jam packed with picture I guess I need to transfer some of it on my online storage  .


  1. Nice sets of hat photos! and yeah, hat is way easy to use as a sun protection that umbrella :)

  2. wow kaya pala daming hats! =) ang kyut!!! =0 i love hats din nung high school ako eh ehehe kaso dito s pinas instead of hats payong nlng eheheh and ayw dn ng kids mag hat tlga! =0 thnks for the visit! happy MM!

  3. Yay! I Love the lavender hat! Beautiful. ]

    But on the other side, it seems that going out there without any sun protection is very dangerous. Effect of global warming eh :(

    Mine is here I hope you can take a peek when you have time. Happy Weekend!

  4. nice Happy mommy moments...TC

    Mine is here

  5. i also heard na HAT is a must dyan.. I love the photos =)

  6. so you'll never run out of hats pala! hay it's been sometime since my last visit here joy! anyway i like bianca's pink hat! regards to micah dear! mine's up at

  7. I felt the same way too specially sa dalagas ko I don't want them to expose too much on the sun.Ganyan pala sa dyan,wearing a hat is a must w/c is I agreeable for me.Have a great weekend Mommy!It's so nice tp ear from you again:D

  8. I like your cowboy hat and your daughter's purple hat.

    Nakakatuwa naman pala jan, everyday's a hat day. Ang init naman na kasi ng panahon, hirap lumabas ng walang sun protection.

  9. great set of photos :) mommy moments nga :)

    by the way, when will you be in manila?