Monday, September 7, 2009

Clean Up

I love Shannon Lush of Speed Cleaning  ...  I love to read her books Speed Cleaning  and How to be Comfy and Taped most of her show on Foxtel  Lush House .. She's got good tips and tricks for everything and I follow them and swear by it....

Found these at Ninemsn and I wanted to share it to all....

Enjoy and happy cleaning!!!!

The queen of clean, Shannon Lush, discusses how to get rid of pesky stains.

How can I remove baby formula from clothes?

Mix some nappy san plus with some water so it turns into a paste. It should be a similar consistency to peanut butter. Paste it on and wait about twenty minutes before washing out.

How do I remove flower pollen out of car upholstery?

Just smudge a bit of kerosene into the stain and that should lift it.

How can I remove streaks that have formed inside my stainless steel oven?

Sprinkle some bi-carbonated soda onto the greasy areas and then spray with vinegar. It’s much faster then any other oven cleaner on the market. It doesn’t smell and it’s easy to use.

How can I remove grease marks from my kitchen faucets ?

I have a great trick for you. Use an old pair of pantyhose and wrap it around the base of the tap. Twist and pull the stockings and the marks will come off. You don’t need to use any chemicals, just the pantyhose. They can also be used to get marks off any stainless steel appliances.

How do I remove superglue from carpet?

Often super glue remover, which can be purchased from a hardware store is the best way to remove any superglue stains.

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