Saturday, August 29, 2009

School FUN

Last Thursday , B1's school had a Book Parade where they can dress up as a character. 
That morning ,, I dressed up Bianca as a Fairy Princess,, then when I pulled out B1's  Muscle man costume, he doesn't wanna wear it,, he only wants his School uniform,, I tried to explain it to him,, but he was hesistant,, so I told him just to bring it and placed it in his bag,,
When we reached the school,, he was excited to see most of the kids wearing different costumes... he saw his Teachers  all dressed up too,, so he took his Muscle man out of his bag and wanted to change right then and there......

It was a FUN day , seeing all the kids excited as they did a costume parade,, even all the teachers were dressed up some are even wearing adult halloween costumes , fairies, Dorothy, Harry Potter  and others... 


  1. hahaha so away isuot ang costume nya hehe. haha for sure he enjoyed that day.. parang bitin na yung costume na ah heeh

    ate Jen

  2. aga ng halloween ah! =) excited n nga ko for halloween sa pinas ehhehe hanao n ko costume or mananahi ng costume =)