Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pack Away

As I was packing some of our stuff I started packing DVDs, CD and cassette tapes,, yeah cassette tapes!!!!! I still have heaps of them,, dunno what to do ,, this is the generation where you can see kids and their ipods  ... oopps... were are one of those.... in fact we have 3 ipods  and I have the Iphone so we are all Music loving people,,,, yeah right......

Micah is loving it!!!! She got the IPod classic where she can watch movies or shows ,,, (very good for long trips for her) and selfishly using the 2 Ipod 3rd generation .. 

Going back to packing up ,,, I am not sure yet if I will put in the box and label them "For Garage Sale" or to "Keep"..
I have to purge things so that when we move I wont take things that we are not using but its gonna be a long tedious work as I slowly pack things up, we already signed the contract but exchange of contract is on the way of getting processed, things are not yet final but I am crossing my fingers that everything will go smoothly,, I am ready to move on and eager to start building......

I'l keep everyone updated.....  oopps,, its packing time!!!!

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