Friday, August 21, 2009

Mommy Moments (Rain rain go away)

mommy moments

Mommy Moments theme for this week is Rain Rain Go away....

When I was a child I used to love when it is raining ,, staying outside and getting wet was a FUN.
Just like my kids ; they love it when it is raining; but I never let them stay outside and play in the rain.. Dangerous,, 1st because of the lightning, and the most dreaded part because of a hail storm which often happens here in Oz during Summer time, sometimes it is as big as a tennis ball.
Look at my lawn during a hail storm... all covered...... thank goodness they're not BIG or they will ruin cars, properties and houses...

But the rainbow is what my kids love to see after the rain!!!!!


  1. Wow cute wet look! And there's a bonus of a rainbow! :) Happy MM!

  2. I love your entry, plus he is so handsome hehehe

    Here's mine

  3. Yes indeed cute siya. happy MM! Am playing too.

    My entry is here

  4. yes, rainbow is the best part!! :D

  5. Love your cute son, and the lovely rainbow!

  6. This is sad :( But better safe that to put your kids safety at stake. Hopefully they also have their time to experience playing in the rain.

    Happy MM.

  7. Ang ganda nman ng entry mo, tumpak na tumpak talaga. look at your son parang giniginaw na sa lamig pero enjoy pa rin sa ulan, kahit delikado he still had the chance to get wet and soaked from the rain. The rainbow is so clear, its lovely.