Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mommy Moments (Part of the Family)

mommy moments

Mommy Moments this week is Part of the family.

These pictures are my Hubby's family...
Pop and Nonna...

They are Italians and they  are the most loving Great Grand parents... 
We love visiting Nonna because she cooks the best Italian pasta ever,, she just turned 80 last week ..
This is POP ...  what a great man ,, he's surely got lots of stories to tell ..... during his younger days ....

Joe's Auntie Sina  is the one wearing peach.. she just adores my kids and my kids love her soo...
A fine lady and always there for us when we need help....
Uncle Sam  (wearing black and red jacket)  
We love him soo much... he is always there for us  and a great uncle and a mate for Joe... We always seek his advice because he's full of knowledge and wisdom....  
and when the Italians are complete,,, expect a good food, wine and good conversation....

I know it is not complete,, Joe's dad passed away when Joe was only 6 years old and Joe's mum lost her battle to cancer 3 years ago,,,,  
We dearly miss Mum Connie!!!!!

Anyway,, have a good Friday everyone and visit Mommy Moments


  1. well, eventhough they are not there physically, but for sure, their love is always there.
    My MommyMOments

  2. Wow, what a lovely family you have there..

    Here is my entry

  3. Your children are blessed to have a wonderful family who love them and are there for them as they grow up. ; )

  4. what a lovely entry with such a lovely family..

  5. it's been a while joy!

    how's everything? kumusta ang paglilipat?

    Thanks for visiting mymessy entry :)

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