Friday, August 28, 2009

Mommy Moments (Name Game)

mommy moments
Mommy Moments theme is about Name Game

I got Braiden's name from the Baby book and the meaning is
Transferred use of the English surname meaning “from Bradden, a dweller near the broad valley.” The name originates from several place-names meaning “broad valley.” 
Var: Bradon, Braydan, Brayden, Braydon.

Whoaaa,,, what a coincidence as I was thinking of how I will do with the post I went through my pics of file and Alas!!!!!!! here is a perfect name for him.....

This is the land that we bought and where we are going to build our Dream Home!!!! 
Our broad valley!!!!!!! Braiden loves the place and he loves to go up and down the hill.... he would surely fits in here cause his name is Braiden and a dweller near the broad valley!! PERFECT!!!!!!!

This is our side view!!!!! CHARMING!!!!!!!!!
This is our front view....  lake... RELAXING!!!!!!
The view of the land.. our own lil valley!!!!!! MARVELOUS,, there's Braiden running down!!!

and BIANCA's name!!! My husband who is has an Italian Heritage suggested to me that we should have an Italian name for our lil princess.... , 
I liked BELLA 
DUHHHHH... that would be funny   BELLA DIBELLA!!!!!!!!!!!    

So I guess I can just name our future dog BELLA instead, mas bagay.......

So after much deliberation, we came up with Bianca .....BIANCA is a beautiful name for her ,, meaning  white , fair in Italian.....

Our lil Snow White!!!!!!

and last but not the least the big sis MICAH her name was from a baby book and the meaning is The name Micah is a shortened form of Micaiah which means "Who is like unto the Lord?" The longer form of this name appears (In the Hebrew text) in Jeremiah 26:18. In Micah 7:18 a word play is made on his name. "Who is a God like Thee, who pardons iniquity and passes over the rebellious act of the remnant of His possession?"

and Yes... I do hope that she would live up to her name......  
Her name is unusual here in OZ ,, sometimes they would pronounce it differently, but since the singer MIKA  came up with the hit song Grace Kelly , the name became popular that is how I pronounce it..... and yes this is her fave song too....

Oh Yeah,, she's doing her Hip Hop moves for everyone!!!!!!!!!

And there you go Mommies!!!!! My children's names and the story behind it...
Did I say I also named the kids after Joe and my name??

MICAH JEY ( Jey for Joy close enough)

Braiden Joseph (Joe's real name is Joseph)
Bianca Joy  (My name is Joy)

OK ,, so go and visit Mommy Moments for the Name Game........ here..

Photos taken by my Canon camera 


  1. ang cu cute ng mga names ng kids mo, and your place,wow! you are right, very relaxing, I want to live in a place like that.

  2. Hi Ms. Joy! Your kids have such lovely names. I like Micah's Braiden's and Bianca's, gives character to each.

    HAve a great weekend!

  3. Nice farm lot. I like the fact that your near the lake :) You can enjoy land and water at the same time!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy weekend!

  4. Your daughter is so good doing her moves. :) I hope I can learn how to do that. hehe

    and your kids' name were all so cute and bagay to them. hehe :)

    Mine's up already here.

  5. Micah is one of my fave characters in the Bible, and Braiden sounds so pretty. Great choices momi.

    By the way, we were just in sydney about a week ago and we stayed there for 3 weeks- its such a lovely place, and i had the grandest time of my life.

    Me,myself and darly

  6. Hi there, wow your children's names really match and fit a lot.. The valley and the meaning of your kid's name jibes. The Bianca is perfect for your daughter too she looks like Bella in the New Moon.. so pretty.. =) White and Fair truly..

  7. Nakakatuwa naman talagang hindi nawala ang pangalan niyo ng husband mo sa names ng mga kids. Tamang-tama din ang Braiden sa lugar niyo. You have a nice place there. Maaliwalas at malayo sa ingay.

  8. Beautiful kids with lovely name. The lake view is so relaxing and peaceful.
    Beyond Motherhood

  9. Wow Hazel ganda names nila cute...Happy MM! Mine is up too.

    Mine is up

  10. great name choices! they are all as pretty as your kids!

    mine's up na rin: what's in a name?

  11. I agree w/ Mommy Yami & I love Bianca's name the most.Sounds darling & sexy.She's so pretty.
    I like the place too,mukhang tahimik & marerelax ka nga talaga,malayo sa polution.
    Have a great weekeend Mommy Joy!:D

  12. I like Bianca, bagay na bagay ke Lil Snow White mo! Super pretty talaga siya, Joy! :)

    My son has a playmate named Braiden. Tuwang tuwa ako sa name niya kasi ang ganda! Un pala meaning ng Braiden. :) Thanks for sharing! :)

    Have a happy week Joy! :)

  13. wow masyadong makasaysayan ang names nila ah =)