Monday, August 3, 2009

Lovely Day

Our Weekend was absolutely fantastic.....

It was a beautiful Winter day to visit La Perouse .. The sky was clear ,  feeling  the warmth sunshine, the air is cool..... It was almost perfect!!!!
We had a lovely seafood lunch and the kids were all well behaved...

Weekends are always spent with the kids ,, going out and having FUN!!!!!! 

Several scenes from Mission: Impossible II were filmed in La Perouse, including Bare Island

La Perouse is an historical haven that blends Aboriginal, French and Colonial traditions. Named after the navigator Jean-Francois de Galaup de La Perouse, the first Frenchman to arrive in Australia in 1788, this treasure is resplendent with beaches, bays and bushland. La Perouse’s museum contains original maps, antique scientific instruments and intriguing relics recovered from the wrecks of La Perouse’s frigates Boussole and Astrolabe. The museum is also the starting point of a walking trail ending at Endeavour Lighthouse where you’re rewarded with spectacular views across the bay to the site of Captain Cook’s landing place.

Worth exploring and accessible via a bridge from La Perouse is the tiny Bare Island, the site of a fort completed in 1885 to strengthen Sydney’s coastal defence. On weekends there are Aboriginal artefacts, all of which are for sale, on display at the park. Just to the north is tranquil Yarra Bay, a great spot from which to view sailing boats racing across Botany Bay.


  1. Hi Ms. Joy! Its been a while since my last visit :) I also enjoy spending weekends with the family. Going to various spots within the Metro...Have a lovely week. Looking forward to visit your sites again :) I miss looking at your pictures.

  2. Love the setting there... wish I can visit it someday!