Monday, August 24, 2009

Love em' (Prints)


Summer Owl Tree 5X7 print

                                                          Sitting Pretty (5X7 PRINT)
As I surf around the net trying to get ideas and inspirations on how to decorate my soon to be dream house ,, I always roam around girly stuff,,, I spend most of my time browsing at beautiful girly decor for Bianca's room....

and I found these cute and adoring prints from Yumi Yumi on Etsy.. I'm an Etsy lover now ; there are heaps of nice hand made stuff from the site...

I ordered for these 2 OWL prints and they  arrived today and Im keeping it for awhile before I put it in a frame ...

I love them  and cant wait to decorate her room..
But whats with the OWL?????  Most of the shabby chic designs are with owls....   show you some of then next time,,, 

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