Monday, August 31, 2009

Love em' (Head Bands)

I am loving these CUTE CUTE head band ,, I saw them on ETSY and they are really adorable and easy to make . 

So I was inspired to make a custom made for Bianca , so I rushed in the shops and bought the supplies .. 
I went to a dollar shop and bought these faux flowers for a cheap price ,, and these buttons too...
Glue them together and then sew the button and sew it on the headband ,,, Thats it!!! Now you've got a beautiful head piece for your princess. I have some more flowers left and I will surely do some more and add more layers......

But if you would prefer to just buy the head band  thats already done go  and check out TO SWEET FROM ME   store on ETSY ,, She's got heaps of beautiful , girly bows, flowers head pieces....


  1. ang cute naman. bagay yan kay RJ ko.

  2. so pretty! im sure my little girl would love it too!

  3. wow cute ng headbands, i want one too, tried to visit yung link mo kaso ang mahal pla...what more if i shi ship sya dito sa pinas??? =) their all cute!!! love to have one for my ISHI =0