Wednesday, July 1, 2009

OZ Lotto winners...

Waaahhhhh,,,, Thats UNFAIR!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha....
I didnt win !!!!!! The Oz lotto was a big hype the past few days here in OZ,,, that's why the jackpot reached a $106.5 MILLION...... I can own google with that!!!!!!! joking aside I know google worths more than that!!!!
well.. CONGRATS to the 2 winners!!! All The BEST and ENJOY ENJOY and be MERRY!!!!!! WAAAAA.....
Im here just in case you want to make a donation!!!!!!! I can give you my paypal !!!!

Two winning entries, one purchased in Queensland and one in South Australia, have each scored $53,274,992.38 in OZ Lotto last night.

The two winning entries shared the record-breaking $106.5 million first division prize in the draw. The winners are the equal richest OZ Lotto winners ever.

The huge payouts are eclipsed only by the record $58.7 million win, by a single entry, in Powerball in June 2008. That prize was shared by a syndicate of workmates who purchase the winning entry in the Melbourne suburb of Reservoir.

“Although the big prize eluded NSW punters, we can confirm that 22 NSW winners each received a massive $33,468.25 share of the substantial division two prize pool,” NSW Lotteries Communications Manager John Vineburg said this evening.

Overall there were 1,248,342 winners from NSW across Divisions Two to Seven.

The winning numbers from the OZ Lotto draw 802 are
12, 3, 38, 21, 23, 29 and 40 with the supplementaries 43 and 22.

Provisional results show that national sales for the draw were a record $209,067,609, with more than $66.5 million worth of entries being sold in NSW alone.

Source NSW

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