Monday, July 6, 2009

My Garden

After living in my place for more than  7 years now,  I have never seen my plants grow healthier and looking good even its in the middle of winter here in Oz....   I felt like that they are showing off now that the house is on sale.... It took a long time for the plants to thrive....  I thought I had a "black thumb" and anything that I plant dies... but  I was wrong.. and my hubby used to tease me about gardening....   It just took a while for the plants to thrive..  I never water plants .. ever... neglect must be the way they wanted to live.. ha ha ha... So its sad to go and seeing them healthy when I have to start all over again... what a bummer!!!!!  

So one day , with a shovel and  a hand- pick on my hands ,, I started digging ,, I was sweating as I pulled the spiky ferns off the ground..... I have to put this in the pot so I can take it with me when we sold the house.... this is expensive and really hardy plant ... and I have to dig some more ,, I have heaps of Birds of paradise to dig...

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  1. haha remember ko din bihira ako mag water ng plants dyan sa inyo..

    ate Jen