Friday, July 10, 2009

Mommy Moments (Pouting Face )

mommy moments

This week's theme is POUTING FACE for Mommy Moments...

I enjoyed putting my kids pics on a collage ,, most of them have pouting faces...

MICAH my eldest daughter who is endowed with  full lips enjoys having her photos taken  and accentuate her pouting lips....
Micah's pout

  and Like her BIG SIS   ,, Lil Miss Bianca have similar pose too.....

Bianca's Lil pout

Go and visit Mommy Moments for more pouting faces!!!!


  1. your girls are sooo pretty! i love their lips a-poutin'!

    mine's up too:

  2. You have adorable girls, especially the little one.

    See my son's pouting face here:

  3. awwww sooo cute! I love your presentation

    mine is up too, hope u can take a peek!

  4. great projection for pouting faces!

  5. Lovely and beautiful pouters!

  6. They're so adorable!Specially Bianca!Cute pa rin nila even they're pouting.Happy weekend!
    How's the sale for the house went on?I have missed Toy Hunt & thank you so much too.I did enjoyed a lot too!It's nice to hear from you again...btw,here's my entry for MM...

  7. Big sister is very pretty, Bianca's so the photos Ms. Joy!

  8. Pretty, pretty naman ng mga girls mo :).. yeah tell your Micah about the prunes haha.. for sure you'll have a blast practicing that one LOL

    Thanks for visiting my pouty boys

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  9. wow cutie kids tlga! =0 ako d nakaksali 3 weeks na....this week hope to join na
    Thanks for visiting ha =0
    re sa Photobook simulan mo n adin pag nasimulan mo na tiyak maaadik k n dn ehhehe =) dmai ko dn kasi pics eh =) ate Jen mo sipag dn eh pagwa k s akanya ehheh =)

  10. cute??? Love these pouty photos.
    Please submit your pouty face photos at
    Maybe you will win the pouty gift award ;-)