Friday, July 17, 2009

Mommy Moments (Playing time )

mommy moments

I know that we are all overwhelmed by an array of TOYs that are available in the market today!!!! Loads of them!!!!! and we search for the best toys that our children would enjoy...

LIFe is play.....
play for children is a very serious business for your children, it is one of the best ways to learn about their world, themselves and other people.. 
It is essential for learning and development.. as I see my B1 and B2 play I know that they are learning and creating their world of imagination... and as their  type of play evolve from , solitary to parallel and now the interactive and cooperative play , I saw them progress...
Now they are playing together interacting and creating ..
It makes me happy to see them play along well,, although there would be some days that they would fight for one toy , but they would quickly resolve it and move on .....

MY KIDS at PLAY.........
Picture books, bead stringing, peg boards , puzzles, dollplay , drawing

CREATIVE Play Painting, drawing, problem solving, music , dancin, play dough sand collage, use of imagination

Balls, slides, climbing,bikes and trikes, running

But whatever type of PLAY they would engage into , I know that they would have lots of FUN and hours of enjoyment ,,,
so if you see them at play ,, engage with them and join them as you as a Parent would be more creative and soon you would be giggling with them !!!! 
ENJOY and have FUN mommies!!!!!

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  1. great post... yes, especially when teh kids are still young, they want to play with us so its our chance to become part of their world :D and i know this will become a relationship builder as they grow up..

    great digiscrap mommy Joy! i missed Toy Hunt when i was posting this entry!

  2. Nice take for this week's theme. Ang creative naman ng presentation mo, Mommy. :-)

  3. your big boy is really enjoying himself, look at the big grin on his face. :D

  4. whoa! love it! daming paglalaruan eheheh yeah tama ka..ang dami ng magagandang toys n nsa market at tlgang gusting gusto ngmga bata...masuerte sila kasi nong bata ako wala ako gaanung toys ehehhe =) thnks for visiting =)

  5. you've got a great post, your kids really enjoyed the fun playing...

  6. Nice post and I am agree that play time is a very serious business for children.
    Have a great weekend:))

  7. thanks for sharing these pics!

    here's my entry

  8. For our kids, they want to inject playtime in all their activities. It's nice kids really enjoying. Happy weekend!

  9. Good happy playing time shots! Yes, kids make it their business to play. LOL

  10. i love the active play part. Sarap makisali sa kanila. Talagang active na active oh.. :)

    Happy MM mommy! :)

  11. that's true whatever games they play they really have fun, specially if played with siblings and/or friends :)

    natuwa ako sa pic na pinepedicure yung doll, hahaha


  12. wow galing..educational play and makes "juan" healthy, wealthy and wise...

    Our Adventures Together/
    Her and History
    Tasty Exploration

  13. wow you got big kids na pala and so nice that they enjoy different fun activities :)

    happy weekend!

  14. I agree w/ you Mommy Joy...engage with them and join them as a parent would be more creative and soon we will be giggling with them.Happy Sunday!:)