Friday, July 31, 2009

Mommy Moments (Look at that Mess!!)

mommy moments

Mommy Moments for this week is about mess...
Oh yeah.... Kids are messy ,, with food , with toys with playing and almost everything...... But as they make a mess sometimes we cant help but laugh it off,,, get cranky, or just take a photo of the mess..... 

Whatever they do,,, make a mess, follow your request to clean  or worst part IGNORE your constant nagging about CLEAN UP YOR MESS!!!!!!!  When they are having FUN,, they are having FUN and we the mums are cleaning up......  Hayy..... 

This is one thing that my kids love to do,,, play on the puddle,,,, jump...... run ...... stomp... kick..... touch....... one big wet mess!!!!! Thats what they love!!!!

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  1. oh noes! puddle mess! heehee. but it's fun mommy! so yeah, you're right, might as well just take some snaps of the mess and their cute lil faces :)

    --ela joel, the great mess-maker

  2. for the kids, the messier, the better!
    Happy MM!

  3. oh, they are so cute... happy mommy moments!

  4. They are so adorable and cute!!!

  5. the raincoat and boots are so cute... di bale na ang mess cute naman eh

  6. cool post... :D

    hopefully this isnt a mess they create everyday! hehehe

  7. oh no! well, as long as they don't bring those messy boots indoor :)

  8. nice boots :] you have such lovely kids mommy!

  9. its been a while since my last visit here...just checking your messy moments! :)

  10. Kids just love messy things.And they are expert on doing it:)
    Btw,thanks for the warm greetings Mommy Joy,it's really nice to hear from you again.
    Mine's here...