Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mommy Moments (Encounter with Animals /Pet)

mommy moments
Mommy Moments for this week is Encounter with Pets or animals..
Last year we took the kids at the farm so they can pat and feed the baby animals since they love doing it...
Daddy Joe is always around to reassure the kids that its ok to pat the baby animals , since Bianca is hesitant to get close with them...

We are planning to take care of lambs , chickens , ducks or birds and a dog once we built our most awaited house..... cant wait for it!!!

Ill be a farmer's wife  soon!!!!!!


  1. great photos! it looks like lots of fun!

  2. Must be really exciting to live in a farm with so many animals and plants as well. :-)

  3. Pahabol...I added you to my blog roll...:-)

  4. wow! living in a farm...sarap naman, pangarap namin ni Hubby ang farm life...

    your photoś are great!

    mine´s here:
    Mommy Moments: Encounter with pets and Animals

  5. When I was little, i wanna live in a farm too.
    I'm excited for you.. :]

    Nice photos you have there. ;]

  6. I like it when city kids get to pet or feed farm animals. At least, they get to know farm life di ba? :) I love the pics Joy!

  7. Cool shots... you're a good farmer's wife! ;)

  8. Kids are so excited seeing animals and feeding them.

    mine is here

  9. this is nice. you're very creative. happy mommy moments! mine is posted here...

  10. That's a cool digiscrap. You must be excited to have new animals to take care of. Happy weekend!