Thursday, July 30, 2009

MJ's Birthday

Well... My teenage daughter who woke up early morning excitedly and woke up the lil sis  so she can get all the attention today.... hey we are all in bed and we have to sing a Happy Birthday to her!!!! Yup... Thats MJ...!!!!!  She was all ready to school anticipating all the well wishers and gifts from friends,,, and before she left going to school,, she was counting how many text messages she received early 7:10 am!!!!!!!
8:15 I received a text message from her asking me to pick up a bouquet of flowers that her friends gave me..... Mind You!!!!!! She was in a class !!!!!!!!  she left the flowers in the reception and I picked it up after dropping Braiden off to school.....  hayyyy,, things you do for your kids....TEEN AGE kids!!!!!!

Before I picked up B1 from school I bought a Mango Cheesecake,, it is MJ and my fave cake... then picked up B2 from preschool,,, went straight home ,, MJ was already home from school ,, she comes home early and takes a bus .... Dad J was still at work,, he missed the cutting of the cake ,, we have to cut the cake early because MJ had to be in school by 5:00 for the musical in school and will be home late at 10:30 pm...
So it was just the 4 of us....
Anyway,, MJ had fun getting gifts from us..... didnt splurge much,, but she was excited with the gift card that I gave to her,, she can shop whatever she wants...

B1 took this pic,, thats why it was bit fuzzy....
Big Sis MJ singing Happy Birthday To me!!!!


  1. Joy, para lang kayong magkapatid ni Micah ... cute ng mga chikiting :)

  2. wow Micah is becoming prettier as the years go by, send my love and greetings to her, would love to cook super crispy chicken again to her pag pumunta sya dito, i know she'll love it! happy happy bday micah! regards to cuties Braiden and Bianca!

  3. happy b-day again Micah!! mukhang sarap ng cake
    mo ah

    Tita Jenny