Monday, July 13, 2009

How to clean Sticker marks

There is a solution to a sticky problem!!! Yup ,, I found a best solution to resolve those sticky and messy, nasty leftover sticker glue...

Ages ago, I sticked some plastic Disney Princess sticker on Bianca's drawers, I think it was really cute,, but when she got tired of it she decided to peel it off,,, the sticker was off but there were leftover nasty sticker that make it more messy and attracts  dirt it was unsightly...  

I tried everything by scrubbing it off, tried different solutions,, and then as I was watching LUSH HOUSE by Shannon Lush,, she tackled about this problem,,,,, so immediately I bought the necessary solution,, It was a TEA TREE OIL  and used what she mentioned ,, an old pantyhouse,,,,,

So to my amazement it worked!!!!! Just a small amount of tea tree oil on the pantyhose and wiped the sticker,,, it was easy and no mess!!!!!  As good as new....  So I went around the house and checked all the walls and doors for some sticky marks....... and cleaned it all up!!!!


  1. wow that really worked! it's really nice when things are tidy.

  2. wow! that's awesome, thanks for sharing mommy!

  3. galing mo talaga mommy joy.

    we are in brisbane. how about you?

  4. Wow! Thank you for sharing, Joy!