Thursday, July 2, 2009

Have a break

After doing all my household chores.. polishing, mopping, sweeping , tidying and doing the beds , A nice break is absolutely a HEAVEN.....   
Give yourself a BREAK!!!! Kitkat said....

So here I was wearing my  daggy winter shoes, legs up with a Foxtel remote on my hand and watching Ellen...... a cup of tea would be nice .... but its lunch time .... hummm.... Im thinking of a Mcdonalds  chicken burger for lunch.... Yummmm.. but ended but having left over roasted veggies from last night.......


  1. ahhh I miss watching Ellen.. iba kasi ang time dito s pinas pinapalabas maaga yata mga 6 or 7pm .. anyways.. regards to all..

    Ate Jen

  2. aw sarap!! :) nakupo gusto yang LCD TV mo ng hubby ko! :)

  3. Watching ELLEN also relaxes me...the show is very entertainng :D