Sunday, July 26, 2009

A fun filled weekend

This is my entry for Weekend Snapshot... Enjoy

Yes.... it was a fun filled weekend!!!! we took the kids to watch the Disney Princess Saturday 25th of July...
When we arrived at the Acer arena ,, there were kids dressed up as princesses and they all looked excited !!!! It was lovely to see them all dressed up....  
My lil B2 was dressed up as Snow White in a cold winter day.....!!!

The show was great.... seeing all the Disney Princess and how elegant and graceful they were skating and swaying to the music together with their prince...

Mickey and Minnie
Snow white and the prince and the seven Dwarfs 
Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip
Mulan and Li Shang
Little Mermaid and Prince Eric
Jasmine and Alladin
Beauty  and the Beast
Cinderella and Prince Charming

Last year , we went to see Nemo on Ice and this year it was the Princess Wishes and next year , Braiden was excited because he saw the trailer of  Incredibles on ice....

FUN way to keep the kids amused and mum and dad to spend heaps... oh yeah talking about the commercialism ....  that is why Lil miss B2 was crying on the way out because she wants to buy some more stuff on the way out... whoo,, we spent too much,, and thats enough,, we watched a good show and time to go home!!!!1

This is the show that we watched yesterday....
Note.. I did not take this video but found this on You tube  and I think she video the whole show!!!!! ,, posted by BettMLin ...Thanks 
 I just took the pictures and enjoyed the whole show!!!!!


  1. Wow, am sure it was such an experience! Have a great week ahead! :)

  2. What a magical fun night I bet they talk about it for weeks -What a fun family outing. Mine is up too.

  3. you seems to have fun...magical moments!.visiting here for the first time...

  4. Sounds and looks like you had a great time!! Great pictures!!