Monday, July 27, 2009

Flowers for Me

The unglamorous Me was surprised by a bouquet of beautiful flowers by my Hubby last Thursday.... 
The ever thoughtful Joe strikes again with a pleasant surprise, No occasion at all..   How I love it when he does that...

The day before I was on my way the shops and was looking at some flowers for my dining table... well,,, I came home with a $6 dollar bunch of flowers that was on sale ,,   hubby thought that I deserve some really nice flowers since I love to decorate the house... Yup,, he made my day...  
Good thing when he came home ; I was cooking a sumptuous dinner for him ,, so it was worth it....... he he he


  1. aww ang sweet naman ni fafa Joe

    ate Jen

  2. WOW! so swet hehe. naka apron ka pa ata sa pic tita ha. katuwa nmn :D dpat ganyan tlaga ang mga hubby. hubby pakibasa ang blog na ito, hehe.