Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Early Christmas Gifts

Yup...... Its Christmas in July here in OZ.......

Actually I already started wrapping my Christmas pressies for my relatives in the Philippines....
and soon I'll be sending them through FOREX,, It should take around 8 weeks to reach our place,,  aside from the Christmas gifts ,, I am also preparing some stuff that we are going to use , yup,,, we are going  to spend Christmas in the Philippines,,,
But before that , we will stay in Hong Kong for 4 days , we will take the kids to Disneyland and do some shopping,, we are going to be with my sis and her family who are based in Riyadh , my sis JENL, my brother , my Mum and my niece and nephew who are flying from Manila and we will all meet in HK , then on the 24th of December we will fly to Manila and stay there till the 16th of January.....  

It will be exciting ,, because this will be the first time for my Lil B1 and B2 to travel to Manila... although , its quite scary with all the buzz about swine flu , but hopefully everything will run smoothly..

Our attention was distracted with the selling of the house and soon to  build a new house,, the holiday has been side tracked ,, but it will push through,, we already bought the tickets 2 months ago... so no more backing out...

For sure I have to control my SHOPPING!!!!!! we are going to build a house and it will be very costly ,, so I told hubby I'll be good with my shopping!!!!!  we might not even go on a Bora trip or any kind of trip,,,  well,,it doesnt matter,,, whats important is for  my Mum to see my kids and spend time with my relatives and eat at Jollibee   ha ha ha,, super miss ko na yata si bubuyog!!!!!!


  1. aw this is nice to know!! miss ka na rin ng pinas.. naku natikman mo na burger steak ng jollibee?? mas gusto ko sya kesa sa chicken ha :) but thats jst me :)

    anyways good luck on you travel plans!! :D

  2. cool! sana we can meet up :D