Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy Girl

Yes my lil girl is busy as a bee... I took a snap of her while cleaning up.. I didn't tell her to clean up.. she said ,she wanted to dust my dresser.. so with a  winter gloves on her hand; she started dusting off,,
 I just watched her ,,,I was having goose bumps as I saw how good she was ,, she was reaching every nook and cranny .. 
She likes doing it and I always praise her for helping me...
The other when she was in the bathroom after taking a shower, I was in the other room and wondrin why it was taking her so long to brush her teeth,,, she was cleaning up the sink and the toilet!!!!!!
Of all my children she is the only one who is sensible ,,, she likes helping me and she knows how to clean up...   and whenever Im cleaning up ,, she would say "You're a good cleaner Mum!!"" and she would ask if I need a help...
 I am so Happy with my 4 year old Bianca!!!!

Here are some tips to help you teach your children neatness and organization:

1. Your child learns by example. If the only clear area of your home is the path from the sofa to the television to the refrigerator and back, then it's time to commit to organizing your home! Make the process a family project so that your children can learn that everyone must pitch in to keep the home tidy.

2. Establish a routine and stick with it! Teach your child that beds are made and toys are picked up every day. It is easier for a child to clean a room a little every day, rather than be faced with a huge mess all at once.

3. Provide plenty of storage - shelves, plastic storage containers, hampers, etc. Create a special storage area out of a plastic storage unit made for storing garden tools. Attach laundry bags in colorful colors to the hooks meant for rakes and shovels. Spray paint the unit in a cheerful color to match the room. Voila! A fun storage area!

4. Reward your child's cleaning and organizing efforts with fun! Make a checklist of tasks with a reward when the tasks are completed such as permission to watch a favorite show, time to play a favorite computer game, a special story time with you or staying up an hour past bedtime. Simple rewards such as these will provide an incentive to keep up the good work! Make a game of cleaning! This works especially well with young children. A game of "Pick Up" to see which of you can pick up more clothes within a certain time limit or a game of "Hide the Clothes in the Hamper" will make cleaning more fun!

5. Be specific. Telling a child to "clean that room" can set the stage for failure and frustration. The task may seem overwhelming! But telling your child to pick up the clothes which are on the floor allows your child to focus in on a specific, achievable task.

6. Limit the amount of "stuff" your child has. Once a month, go through your child's room together and give toys and clothes that have been outgrown and are no longer needed to those less fortunate. Not only will your child's room stay cleaner, but they will learn a valuable lesson in sharing and giving.

Although you may think it inevitable, the process of keeping your child's bedroom clean need not be a war! If you are consistent with the rules, your child will learn what is expected and do it (eventually!). If you are inconsistent, you have already lost the battle! Better stock up on flashlights and compasses in case you need to find your way to their closet!

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  1. Your lil barbie doll is adorable as always =) thanks for this tips.. sana ganyan din baby ko since di uso ang maid/helper dito