Friday, June 5, 2009

TOy Hunt (Educational Toys)

A Special announcement from TOY HUNT.......
as much as it pains me ,, this would be the last TOY HUNT,, the reason is that we are embarking on a new challenges and this would require most of time...  I'll be BUSY as ever...

I posted before that we are planning on moving... yup ,, we decided to build our Dream Home and this is where it gonna happen take a peek of the land....

I've  been busy cleaning up the house ......... scrubbing , tidying all the bits ,, because we are putting our house on the market.... I hope that we can sell this lovely home quick so we can start our new adventure in life....

To all TOY HUNTERS   you are all appreciated !!!!!!! Ive meet new friends and may we continue to visit each other....  

TOY HUNT"s Last theme is Educational Toy/s 
  These are some of the toys that found a new home ....
My kids pre loved baby toys that I gave to a friend ,, they are educational with all the shapes and numbers ,, they are also colourful and FUN......

We visited a friend who just had a baby boy named Mitchell 2 weeks ago and as I tidy up the house I have to declutter and give away some stuff.....

Next week I am going to visit Jigi who is also a member of TOY HUNT, she just had a baby girl named Hannah,, Im looking forward on meeting her and the kids... I'll keep you all updated...
If there is someone who is interested on hosting the TOY HUNT  please get in touch with me...

again ,, FAREWELL TOY HUNT but not goodbye TOY hunters ... I'll still be around visiting and blogging if time permits me ....
 Thank you to all!!!!


  1. this is sad mommy Joy,but thank you for sharing this awesome tag-meme with us.I really enjoyed this toy hunting stuff. I hope this is not goodbye =(

  2. aww.. its sad but then thanks so much for opening up your site to toy hunt.. :) i have really met some great friends through here!

  3. is my post!

  4. I haven't been around for just a couple of weeks and I just dropped by your site first to check what the themes are for the month of June...

    Joy, I have mixed emotions here. Well, let's keep our hopes high that you'll have the smoothest experience from selling to moving.

    Toy Hunt is yours Joy. Should you decide to do it again, I promise to be one of your avid followers. Meanwhile, keep your focus and I hope to see your dram home real soon. :)

  5. mine is up, mommy!

    I hope it will be forever... will always be here mommy to join!

  6. I'll be interested to keep Toy Hunt mommy for temporary, but as everyone said it is always YOURS...

    but I'll be open for those who want to do it too!


  7. goodluck and all the best as you put the house on the market and your new move... dont forget to invite us in your house warming hahaha

    anyway we will definitely be in touch for sure

    here is my entry and hopefully not the last


  8. ahhh last na pala to.. anyway alam ko super busy kayo these days thats why you'll have no more time

  9. sayang Joy! But we all have our priorities and I understand you gotta do what you gotta do. Good luck in all your future endeavours! :)

  10. wish you luck and all the best JoyD.