Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Lil Bianca is loving her new shoes!!!!!!   Bought this at Cotton On shop for just $5  ... What a bargain!!!!  Specially now that they are having a Stocktake Sale...

This cute shoes is her fave shoes ,, worn at home or on the weekends when we go out ..

And this is Lil Miss when she decided to cut her hair 3 weeks ago,,, she was playing with a miniature scissor.. I was upstairs and wondering why she was quiet.. and there the lil miss trying to be a hairdresser!!


  1. wow ironically i have the same shoes, only in tiger skin design hehe..
    I missed your barbie dolly pretty lil bianca..

  2. It's so cute sis!

  3. Hi Joy!

    Erin has two pairs of those ballet flats from cotton on! she loves them too. :)