Friday, June 19, 2009

My HOUSE for sale

STRESSED OUT !!!!!! That is what I'm feeling!!!!
Our house is officially FOR SALE ... The house just been listed on the market last Tuesday.
 When the sign FOR SALE was placed ,,, Mixed emotions was felt....  A sad , happy and panic ..
It would be an exciting  journey ,, so come and join me as my family embark into a new beginning...

My Front Yard
My Kitchen

My family and Rumpus room

My Backyard

Check this website where you can take a peek of my house   and find out how much it is...
Anyone interested contact the agent ...



  1. parang house sa Architectural Digest ha? ang ganda!!! may you find a buyer soon, Joy!

  2. wow i love your house, sana ganyan din kaluwang mga house dito. Goodluck.. i know moving to another mansion could be stressful and yet exciting =)

  3. aw ang bongga ng house mo!!! i lab it!! pero beautiful rin ung white house na lilipatan nio.. gudlak joy!!

  4. Joy, kung ako may ganyang bahay, hindi siguro ako aalis. Dapat hindi my house, dapat my mansion! Hehehe!

    I miss toy hunt. But I know your plate is quite full nowadays.

  5. Your house is so elegant Mommy Joy. I've always dreamed to have a kitchen like yours. So warm and the sun every breakfast, sigh! You're moving out? For sure much cozier and nice. Take photos of the new home ha, can't wait to see the designs o_0