Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mommy Moments (School Days)

Mommy Moments for this week is about School Days
mommy moments

Braiden started his 1st day of school last January 30, 2009.. It was an apprehensive day for all of us, knowing that this is his 1st day in Big school....

There was a lot of arrangements and big decision was made on finding a right school for him...
For those who knows about Braiden's condition ,, it was  a stressful process for us .. My hubby and I wanted all the best for him and after enrolling him in a private school and he was supose to start there when  a big opportunity came for him to be a part of a government school came we grabbed the offer!!!,, it s a special class catering for all their needs ....  6 children in a class with 2 teachers .. and its free!!!!  whoaa.. and the school is newly built and just opened this year....  what a beautiful school !!!!!!! We couldn't be more happier for him to be a part of this school ....
It is a normal school where they have a 2 special classes where they can integrate with the rest of the kids in the whole school ... what a good opportunity for him to socialize with others...

5 months on and he just love going to school!!!!!! He is very obedient and really come out a long way.....  his social skills improved ,, his language skills are getting better and his is coping really well with his subjects  especially in Maths...   
He is a very affectionate boy ,,, and we all know that he is a TEACHER"S PET!!!!

Braiden already received 3 awards  and with his teacher Ms Tiffany whom he adores so much...
Last week we attended a meeting with his teachers , principal and workers to evaluate his performance, and we are happy to say that he is doing great....
and through that we are not sure if he fits in his diagnosis  or he had crossed that line and improved a lot ......
Whatever it is we are Happy to see him improving ,,   we know that we are doing all the BEST for him and we LOVE HIM so much!!!!

You can read more about him here  Our  Braiden  


  1. All the kids are so cute and I am glad that Braiden already received 3 awards that is so cool.He is definitely a smart kid.Have a fun weekend.

  2. It's good to know that Braiden is progressing well. Time and good supervision are just some of the keys, and of course, your and your husband's all-out support and LOVE. I'm sure he'll be OK. :)

  3. I'm glad to hear that you found a perfect school for your son. This is my first time to join Mommy Moments. Here's my entry:

  4. You have a smart kid.. Congratulations. Happy weekend Mommy!

  5. that's really great that you found (or the school found you)a perfect school for him that will understand all his needs.
    My Mommy Moments

  6. wow Mommy, you have a smart kid.

    Be blessed!!!

  7. he's so cute. he's lucky to have very supportive and loving parents. happy mommy moments!

  8. Go Braiden! I'm sure he'll become like his Tito Jose. Haha! Same birthdays, parehas Jose at pogi. :) Hehehe!

  9. great news.. im glad to know that Braiden is enjoying school and improving in all areas...

    by the way, i miss Toy Hunt... I am really glad that you take time to join us at Mommy Moments Ms Joy!

  10. I'm happy that school is doing good for Braiden. :)