Monday, June 29, 2009


Yep... Tomorrow Tuesday , 30th of June ...... Its LOTTO FEVER here in Australia as the jackpot price reached to a sweeping 90 Million dollars!!!!! WHOA!!!!!!!! Imagine winning the whole jackpot....  but what are the chances????
Anyway,,,   I have to rush to  my local lotto agent to get a ticket,, you'll never know!!!!
The hype is up and people are rushing ,,, so wish me luck!!!!


  1. Nanalo ka ba Joy? Sana ako rin :) Anway, yes nandito na kami sa OZ and so far we like it very much... hindi pa malamig.

    I saw your house for sale ang ganda!

  2. hi joy. hope you won. my husband is a big lotto fan.

  3. What a price!!!!Big enough to have a 1 whole year vacation and trip abroad eheheh...