Monday, June 22, 2009

Cleaning Tiles

YUp....  This was our bonding time last week Cleaning up the Floor tiles.... The whole area is with tiles and we had to clean them up ,,, section by section,,,, I already had my carpet upstairs professionally cleaned and I dont want to spend $400 to have the floor tiles cleaned ,, 
So instead my kids helped me me scrubbed.. Yup ,, I had a cheap labour ,,,,  Child Labour as they say,,, and I treated them by giving my "GOOD KIDS" praise,,  well I cooked dinner for them also !!!!  ha ha ha..

My yucky tiles ,, the grout is so grubby and needed a good scrub....!!!!  Dont get me wrong I mop my tiles , but the grout really needs a good scrubbing!!!

So I gathered the cleaning materials ,,,  I used BICARB SODA and WHITE Vinegar ,, a brush covered with old panty hose.. as what I learned from watching Lush House of Shannon Lush...

My Cinderellas.... scrub scrub scrub!!!!!!  I placed the Bicarb in a shaker and the vinegar in the spray bottle... shake the bicarb on the grout and the spray the vinegar,,, when it starts fizzing give it a good scrub,,, 
as the dirt lodges off,, mop it with water in the bucket with vinegar...
Hey,, its NINJA TURTLE mopping the floor!!!!!!!
as the time pass and the kids had enough ,,, 2 of them surrendered on doing the hard work,,, But one of them remained!!!!! My Lil Bianca !!!!! who was left mopping the floor,, Ninja Turtle had given up,,, but this lil princess was still happy to help me...

and ALAS a  clean ,,, whiter grout and tiles......  although a few days it will have a chalky look ,, just mop it with water with vinegar.....
Friends and relatives noticed the big difference.... 
It was a hard job doing the whole area,,, but what I did was finished the kitchen and living area , then the next  day the formal area .....
It was worth it......


  1. Ang ganda ng bonding na ginawa mo Mommy Joy,nakasave ka na ng 400$ naturuan mo pa sila grin!I like this post,job well done!btw wala ng hassle sa pagcomment ko dito since I installed the firefox yun lang pala ang makakaresolve sa problem ko.

  2. that was a good bonding. sometimes we need to teach our kids some chores para alam nila kung gaano kahirap maglinis at hindi na sila!

  3. hahaha si braiden naka costume pa buti naman he helped in cleaning that tiles.. hirap kasi nyan eh singit singit ang dirt

    Ate Jen

  4. Kaya naman super linis may mutant ka diyan ei! :D

  5. Wow, nice way have a bonding with your kids. And I so agree with the bi-carb and vinegar for cleaning it.