Friday, May 1, 2009

Toy Hunt (White Toy/s)

Hello everyone....

Entry for this week Toy Hunt is White TOY..
This is Bianca's  White Fluffy Lamb , which is now a Dirty White toy  he he h e...
This photo was taken by my sis JenL when she came over here,, I just went through all my photo files....
Sorry for not being creative this week,, my lil Bianca is getting better thanks to all those warm wishes,, 
but I think I've got the virus now,,, I've got this terrible headache .. and Im just being slack at the moment..... so this would be just short and sweet....

Thanks everyone.. and have a lovely weekend...


  1. this is so cute..

    i am sorry to hear that you might be getting the virus now! get some rest and drink lots of fluids!

  2. Just goes to show how cuddly the once white little lamb is...

    Anu bang klaseng virus yan! Ang tindi! Hope you'll both get better real fast.

  3. I am sorry to hear that joy just take advil and drink a lot of water then rest huwag ka munang mag computer, hehehe

  4. me too, mejo not feeling good pa din e.
    ska wala sa min ung digicam kaya di ako makatake ng pics :(

    promise, habol na ko talga next Friday! :)

    pagaling ka ha? lots of fruits and rest na muna. :)

  5. i tried to join but sad to say my desktop brok and all my picture is there this laptop iam using now is broke the cdrom too maybe some other time i love your dora its big huh

  6. Get well soon!!! Btw here is my entry

    Have a great weekend=)

  7. Cute White Fluffy Lamb ,especially those huge eyes!Seems like sayin' please hug me..grin!
    Get well soon to both of you!

  8. i have some white stuff toys too but my camera was broke so I have to wait for a while to post my TH entries...

    Good one mommy!

  9. oooh...can i join?!? hope you're feeling better!