Friday, May 15, 2009

Toy Hunt (Collection of Toys)

This weeks TOY HUNT is about collection of TOYS...

The Take Along Thomas & Friends™ durable die-cast vehicles
are a hit with little engineers--and moms! It is
portable, everything stores inside the sturdy playsets. Kids
love using their imaginations…and collecting Thomas’
ever-growing group of friends!

Yeah,,,, it is really addictive,,, we spent thousand of $$$ already and they released new collection of trains for 2009!!!!!!!
Wheww!!!! everytime you buy a train in the packet they have a little book of trains and their names and Braiden would look at it and tell me what to buy next time!!!!!And to think my hubby just gave in to Braiden's whim this afternoon,, he bought him the Salty with Sea cargo trucks....
He is just nuts about Thomas,,, I though that he had outgrown his love for Thomas when he received a Lego City for his birthday,,, but his love for Thomas was reignited when we took him to A Day with Thomas see here for the pics....

.Aside from the Take along ,, he also have some battery operated Thomas complete with tracks but I have to put it away in the box,,, It is massive,, and I dont want my house to be a Museum of Thomas....

But these Take along are collectible items...... we are almost complete with the trains ,,, some are already rare,, like Bertie the Bus which I bought on good old Ebay!!!!!!!

So if you want to see Biancas collection of Toys see it here Aussietalks

Come and join is here in TOY HUNT see the details here TOY HUNT....


  1. what a collection! my son will love these!

  2. Hi mommy Joy,Cool collections of Thomas and friends..Btw here is my entry for this week

    Have a great weekend=)

  3. WOW!!!! so many Thomas toys... my son only has 6 trains.. :)

  4. WOW!!! ang dami! my kids will really love these! parang natuwa din ako, at gusto ko na din magcollect niyan :)

  5. oh my what a collection! my son would love those!

  6. Love Thomas train AS WELL AS the blue and red train! Can't wait for my son to get interested with trains, too!

  7. WOW! ang daming trains, hahaha...
    Migs just love thomas too...
    And now you give me idea how to keep them with those cabinets. Nakalgay lang kasi lahat sa thomas bag yun trains nya, hehe.

  8. what a cute collection!!!

  9. wow! what a collection of toys. i posted my daughter's collection at

    god bless your family.

  10. Now, THAT'S a COLLECTION! Ang dami!!! I've been telling Jose about Braiden's Thomas on tracks; he was so giddy. :) Ngayon pinakita ko 'to... Sana raw kami rin ay magkaroon ng ganyan. But, we probably need to get a house as big as yours para magkasya ang tracks. Haha!

    Hahabol ako dear, ayoko umabsent! :) Nawalan kasi kami connection nung Friday. Ngayon lang ulit nagkaroon. :)

  11. Mommy, ayan, nakahabol na rin! :D