Friday, May 1, 2009

Mommy Moments( Doctor Doctor am I sick?)

mommy moments

Doctor Doctor am I sick?

Unfortunately my entry for Mommy Moments coincide with the theme for this week...

My Little Possum Bianca is sick at the moment.....

This was taken on Wednesday morning just before we went out to visit a friend for lunch...She was in good spirit dancing and posing for me.....

I passed by my friend Alel's house to pick her up so she can just come with us,, but she said she is not taking her lil boy with her because he was sick...  when we arrived to her place I took Bianca out of the car to just say hello to the lil boy ,,... then off we went...

Then at night time , I woke up hearing Bianca's cry , her temperature was 39.5 , paracetamol helped a bit and I was all night in her bed .. Thursday her temp would be up every 4 hours , poor lil girl but she was such a good girl .. So she's got the virus.. took her to the doctor and just said to give paracetamol and  keep her at home..

This was taken on Thursday morning after dropping B1 off to school
Panadol , a drink bottle, thermometer and my home phone , Joe always ring up to check up on  Bianca , when she knew that she's got a high temp , 30 minutes later Daddy was home to comfort his sick lil girl......

I hope everyone is doing well....... Today Bianca is still having high temp and vomited in the morning ,, just keeping her at home and giving her fruits , water , juice and her medicine...
Ta , Ta for now!!!!

May you all have a lovely day.....


  1. I hope she feels better soon...

    You have a very lovely girl! My Mommy Moments post is here

  2. get well soon little girl. she is so pretty in the pictures, thanks for sharing...

  3. awwww hope she feels better soon, she looks so angelic.

  4. My kids said Bianca is so pretty... We hope she'll get better soon. Have a nice day!

    ...and thanks for dropping by...(^_^)/

  5. Bianca looks like a girl model from a fashion magazine! She is so beautiful!

    I hope and pray that she will be better soon. Sna viral lang para gumaling agad.

    Take care and kisses to Bianca! :)

  6. oh no! i am sorry to hear that your lil girl is sick.... i do hope she gets better soon!

  7. Oh, I hope your baby will get well soon...good that your hubby is there to comfort your lil girl...

  8. Grabe! She caught the virus THAT FAST? I hope she's better now.

    Ang ganda pa naman niyang talaga with her pullover screaming JOY JOY JOY JOY tapos ganyan. :( Btw Mommy, parehas tayo thermoscan. Ang patient-friendly niyan talaga mabilis at very accurate. Kisses to B2! And I hope you'll get some decent sleep too. Alam mo naman pag may nagkakasakit ang Nanay, 'di nakakatulog...

  9. Having a cold or the flu is never any fun. But it is often worst when your child is the one that is sick.And Daddy is so worried for her talaga,as parents sick child is our number one priority.
    She's so pretty!!
    Get well soon!!

  10. aww...i really hope she gets well hurts to know that kids are in pain...

    hope you can visit my entry too.

    we'll pray for her fast recovery. =)

  11. awww, bianca's a really pretty lil girl. it's really heartbreaking when kids get sick :(