Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kids Fun

Another busy weekend for us ,,, especially for my are my shots for the Weekend Snapshot

Last Saturday we took the kids at Wiggly Play Centre for a photo shoot.... yup,, as much as I wanted my kids to be a model,, maybe this will be a break for them,, ha ha ha,, actually its for advertisement for the Wiggly PLay centre for the cinema,,, the kind of commercial you see before the start of the movie....My hubbys aunty work as a manager of the centre ,,,thats why she told us to come over,,, the kids enjoyed playing,, and having a pretend birthday party here.. 
You can also see my eldest daughter MJ who works there hosted the party....
and most of the kids here are our relatives....

After visiting a Home showrooms we went to the Mean Fiddler for lunch..
and there was a Kids Disco... my B1 and B2 enjoyed it so much ,, following the dance moves from HS musical ...

My hubby and I enjoyed watching them participate with the other kids.... we had a smile on our faces when during the game Limbo rock B1 and B2 were holding hands the whole game!!! they are really adorable to see!!!!


  1. The Wiggles bring back great memories. What fun!

  2. great weekend. your kids really had fun.

  3. wow photoshoot for a commercial sosyal nasama sila ... laki na talaga nina Bianca and Braiden... at d ba anak ni auntie sina yon nakabili na rin pala sya ng dslr nya no

  4. Wow! the kids look so sweet! Glad to hear that your weekend was a blast.

    Hope you can visit my WS here.

  5. the kids are obviously having fun and how much more if it was a real bday party! way to go to your kids into the big screen.

    Have a nice week. Hope you can visit my entry this week.


  6. That's a fun way to spend the weekend! Pretend party with real food, that's even more fun!