Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Working Girl now!!!!

My eldest daughter who is turning 15 in July has started a part time work last Saturday..
My once lil cheeky girl is now a big working girl!!!!! Horrayy...
She had been bugging us about working,,, she wants to work and had been keen on finding a job...  but my hubby and I were both apprehensive about it ...after  deliberating we decided that she can eventually work it would be  good training for her in terms of having responsibility, following set of rules and learning about the value of money and work...,, and hubby found a job for her...
My hubbys auntie works at one of the Wiggles Play Centre and since the place it near my huubys work place and the auntie works there too,, its  a good choice,, she works in a place for children so its a bit safer for her and at the same time can be enjoyable too... She works on Saturdays from 9am till 6 pm

This is the morning before hubby took Micah to work... All smile and gorgeous

This was when we picked her up from work... the not so glam Micah..... Yuppp... she was just complaining because they don't have mirrors in the toilet and anywhere so she can check her self up... ha ha ha


  1. wow she's gonna be responsible na, good luck micah!

  2. lol... vain din pala si Micah. You're lucky parents coz your kid pa was the who insisted to work =) goodluck to your girl

  3. she still looks cute kahit pagod na hihi

    naku tutuo un, nung bata kase ako mahilig din ako sa lego hehe, kaya lang maliit kase ang lego kaya nauwi sila sa mega bocks..

    hala dali ibato na at sasapuhin ko LOL
    actually may nakita akong seller ng secind hand mega blocks from Australia, sobrang mura lang kaso ang mahalk pala ng shipping mula jan papunta dito hehe

  4. Congrats to the working girl! We've been trying to find my 14 year old son a part time job too - no luck so far.
    Have a great day :-)

  5. wow...she's only fifteen?? =) ang ganda ganda tlga ng mga anak mo =) youre truly blessed mommy joy! =) and congrats! i think she'll love that work!

  6. wow working girl na pamangkin ko.. good for her.. congrats to Micah, hope she'll be good at it

  7. Haha! Mirror lang pala ok na siya! Well tell her she's definitely the fairest of them all! Gandang dalaga!

  8. is she gonna be on TV? my boys love to watch the Wiggles! :D

  9. we're planning to bring our little girl to wiggles play centre one saturday in may. i think it's the one at seven hills?

    pretty naman sya kahit walang mirror sa office. :)