Friday, April 24, 2009

Toy Hunt (Toy/s with shoes)

This weeks TOY HUNt is Toy/s with shoes.

I posted Bianca's huge DORA doll before and I wanted to show you her shoes...

This is DORA's Shoes
and Bianca sometimes wear them and its still big for her....
Come and join us in TOY HUNT and see the details ..

THEMES for the month of MAY

May 2     :     White   Toy/s
May 9     :     Battery Operated Toy/s
May 16    :    Collection of Toy/s
May 23  :    Funny/ Silly Toy/s
May   30   :   Educational Toy/s

Enjoy and start TOY HUNTING........


  1. Whoa she's big!!! Grabe mas malaki pa sa paa ni Bianca! Love 'em! :D

  2. Oh wow - that's a life size Dora! Very cool! And your daughter is such a cutie-pie!

  3. we love dora!!! Hi mommy Joy here is my toys

    Have a lovely weekend!!

  4. yey! may entry na ako..akala ko absent ako ngayon kase pang girly toy ung theme hehe

  5. Hi!I'm new here & love to join too.My friend Mommy Jac of lily & chuchang bring me here.
    What a huge Dora doll Bianca have.I like her name too..Bianca...grin!'m going to post mine too the soonest.God Bless!

  6. Hi!It's me again!Done w/ the posting & here's mine...

    Have a nice weekend!God Bless!

  7. wow kasya na ke bianca ahahah =) ag cute nmn ng dora n yan =) nde ako makasali ngyun sa toyhunt...busy busyhan eheheh at tsaka ala dna ko toys na me shoes ata ahaha habol ako pag meron =0

  8. Joy, what can I say to your ToyHunt - which I may say have evolved...this toy hunt is going global - from Japan, to the US, to the UK to Philippines, to Australia... galing galing naman and im proud to be part of it ... way to go mumma...


  9. haha oo nga naman, it's a toy hunt.. by far this is the best toy hunt I expereinced.. if you can just imagine my frustrations nung isang araw looking for the perfect toy and just when I am about to give up nakita ko sya! ang saya!

    Make or Break

  10. I want to try out this one but H has lost his shoes in the long grass, hope you don´t minde having him here anyway?