Saturday, April 11, 2009

Toy Hunt (Square Toy/s)

Hello everyone....
Hoping that you are all having a relaxing Saturday, Its long weekend here in OZ and public holiday on Monday too... aside from that its SCHOOL HOLIDAY!!!! It means I'll be busy getting my kids pre occupied..

This week's theme is SQUARE toy/s hummm.. I had a hard time hunting for square toys ,, most of my kid's toys are rectangle and circle ,, I was a bit hesitant to use these Peek a blocks again ,, but no choice ,, I concentrated on the square shapes of the Peek a Block Rollin Tumbling Dump truck and the activity container .
At one point I was buying all the peek a blocks ... I was hooked to it and if there is a new release  I would be the 1st to buy it,,,, but now the kids have outgrown them,, although they play with it occasionally ,, I am not ready to part with it... I enjoy looking through them and feeling it... hummmm,,, is there something wrong with me??? ha ha ha ,, so whenever I go out and see the latest Blocks ,, I have to master self control .....whoooo.... 

You can check out the wonderful and colourful PEEK A BLOCK here...


  1. My lovely! Thanks! I did a final refresh and there it is in my reading list. :)

    Kinumpleto mo ata lahat ng peek a blocks ei! Ang dami!!!

    Now I've got to sleep. Enjoy your looong weekend! I'll be back. :)

  2. Very colorful. We used to have like that haha pero ayun pinamigay na. Have a blessed Black Saturday Joy.

  3. My son was too old for these when they came out but I think they are adorable and I try to buy them whenever someone has a baby! It's probably a good thing he was too old when they came out because I definitely would have been buying them all the time, too!

  4. Joy... im early this time hooray, only because its my rst day and mr K was the one cooking dinner and littlemissy looking after the li'l man... hope everyone will have a safe holidays.


  5. Beautiful and colorful toys. Great choice Joy!

  6. I love the blocks.
    I played this week.

  7. yey im here..heheh =) nice toys!

  8. LOL Joy I know how you feel.. I was obsessed with Peek A blocks too.. they are so adorable and nice to look at eh? un lang a bit pricey here.. so whenever there's a sale (usually on December) I can't help but grab a dozen or so.. LOL

    and of your ready to say goodbye to them, I am here.. I am more than willing to be their new mommy LOL

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  10. Nice toys..
    Very educating..