Saturday, April 18, 2009

Toy Hunt (Rabbit Toy/s)

Good day everyone,,, Sorry Im a bit late with my TOY HUNT,, went out yesterday for  A DAY with THOMAS  and came home late last night...

Anyway,,, This week's theme is Rabbit Toy/s this would be easy for those who celebrated Easter last week.... 

First of all here is my Bunny Girl!!!!!!!

Easter Bunny


here is what Bunny girl received from the Easter Bunny aside from Chocolates!!!!

A Littlest Pet shop Bunny rabbit  to add to her collection....

Come join us in TOY HUNT and see details here .... HOW to Join


  1. Wee! Dami-daming treats ni B1 and B2 ha!

    Ayan Joy super lakas mo talaga sakin a! Nawili ako sa theme this week. Inumaga na naman ako. Hehe!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Hi Joy, finally di na ko na stress mag hanap ng toys pero enjoy talaga kami ng mga kids mag toy hunting.Btw here's mine have a blessed weekend ^o^

  3. Such a cute bunnies and adorable kids. That's a lot chocolates. For sure hyper nayang kids mo hehehe.

  4. ganda ng little girl mo joy parang princess at yang son mo pogi pogi na bata, love to eat chocolates too....

  5. Lovely layout! and the kids look like enjoying chocolates!

  6. That's a nice rabbit pet :)

    Mine was a bit late din hehe

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