Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thomas and Friends

Last Time I posted about the Sticker Chart that I made for Bianca... This time its a Calendar for Braiden.... A month ago when I booked a ticket for THOMAS the TANK at the Zigzag Railway , and Braiden was terribly excited ,, everyday he would ask  me everyday about the event,, and I kept on telling him soon.... But, just telling him is not enough,,, his teacher suggested to me to make a calendar for him so he can cross out the days and know how many days left for the said event...  and true enough it is really Good because , he can count the days and he is excited to cross it out at nighttime...

March 31 (Tues)
WE have 2 more sleeps to see THOMAS, it will be on Friday April 17 2:00 pm.. It is such a sell out event ,, we even missed out on Sat and Sunday tickets , that is why we have to go this  Friday instead. This would be a our 2nd time to go to the Thomas and Friends , and it was fun the 1st time and for sure it would be great this time....

Immerse yourself in the world of a child and embark on “Our Friends of Thomas” adventure. Setting off from Clarence Station we board a train behind Thomas the Tank Engine and travel down to Bottom Points Station. Greeted by the Fat Controller, he kindly directs you to the workshops, which have been cleared and filled with Thomas fun.

Your stop here will see you enjoy a Thomas Carnival experience, with rides and amusements, miniature railway displays, tattoos and face painting and of course refreshments to keep your stamina up to enjoy the Thomas fun.

The Thomas train will return to pick you up and “chuff” right up the steep climb, back to Clarence Station and your car.
Feel free to wander around or picnic in the Zig Zag grounds, and watch the hustle and bustle of the engines travelling to and fro, all day long.

The Friends of Thomas experience runs on set dates as a special event throughout the year, and due to its popularity, bookings are essential.

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  1. Coolness!!! The calendar idea is brilliant.

    Have fun Braiden!