Monday, April 6, 2009

Secure children

I just want to share some readings that I enjoy...

The Foundation for Happy Secure children

LOVE Being wanted and welcome. Love may be vague term but it is a very important word.

Consistency  Children need to know where they stand and that what stands today will be standing tomorrow

Tackle Tension  Tension is probably the most common destructive influence in today's child rearing. there is no point in bringing up your child by the book , if home feels like a war zone. Friction in adult relationship can never be hidden from children, The most considerate thing we as parents can do for our children is to be kinder with one another.

Good example  children cannot behave better than those whose example they follow.

Reasonable Expectations parents need to know what is normal and what to expect. Unrealistic expectations cause non problems that undermine parents unnecessarily.

Fun and Enjoyment  Children should be brought up as apprentices to fun loving parents who enjoy having them around. Some parents take child rearing so seriously that it becomes an interesting scientific experiment. You cannot fall in love with some laboratory animal.

Confidence  here is the to effective parenting. Confident parents are positive parents are very powerful people.

By Dr Christopher Green

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  1. wow nice posts...i love them! its hard to become a parent and follow all the rules...i am very inconsistent my bad! =( thnks for sharing this anyway =)