Friday, April 3, 2009

Mommy Moments (Special Day)

mommy moments

Mommy Moments by Mommy Chris  is about Special Day..

This is my fave pic of our family,,, This pic is placed on a frame and hanged on or hallway ,, so I scanned it and would love to share it to all Mommy moments participants..

This was taken during Bianca's Baptismal day  on the 24th of April  2005...
My  kids are  so adorable there!!! ha h aha,, of course Love your own!!!
Thank you and have a good day everyone!!!! go and visit Mom Chris for more...


  1. Shucks! Micah is sooo pretty. She's got a great smile. Carbon copy mo Joy!

    Aba'y your kids are really gorgeous alright?

  2. Twinkie is right. Micah is so pretty. Her smiles remind me of Miss Universe pageant contestants. :)

  3. youre right your kids are all adorable...gnda ng lahi mo gurl hihihi =) heres mine -

  4. The baptism girl is a cutie! Lovely family pic of a special day.

  5. So, Braiden is older pala than Bianca. You have a lovely famile Ms. Joy. This picture is really nice to look at.

  6. you have a beautiful family mommy Joy! :) you are so blessed to have 3 wonderful children and of course, a loving hubby too!

  7. indeed they are.. mukhang masaya sila lahat :)

    Here's my special day

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  8. I also love this pics.. everybody was obviously looks happy. Ganda ng combi nyo ni sir bruce hehe.. have nice weekend