Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mommy Moments (Sentimental Moment)

mommy moments
Mommy Moments for this week is about Sentimental Moment...

This is my recent sentimental moment that I felt .. when Braiden started his 1st day of school as Kindergarden last January 30, 2009 . It was such an apprehensive feeling that we all felt... My hubby and I were a bit anxious about thewhole experience,, this will be our boy's 1st day of school.. It was all too much for braiden , the separation , the new place, new faces and he cannot grasp the whole experience,,, too much going on, although we took him at school for a visit before he formally started , but all he did was protest and telling me that he still wants to go to his preschool...

His eyes were so swollen from crying....

It was so sentimental when he started crying .. his eyes were swollen and he just wants to keep on holding to my hands,,, we just reassured him that everything will be fine and we will be back soon... when they started lining up and went to the classroom,,  he just said Bye and off he went,,, whooooo,, that was a quick transition!!!!!!

3 months on and he is loving his school ,, the teachers are Great and he just settled in well....!!!!!
And this is the 1st week of school holiday for him.....
and to get him understand the teachers made a chart for him that he can cross out and when he will be back to school ,,
 they will come back to school on April 29 Wednesday.... and the chart is good same as the chart that I've made for him about the Thomas the tank  see below post....

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  1. thanks for sharing this Mommy Joy. its truly a moment a mom would always remember...

  2. so cute! it takes a while for both,us and our kids to get thru with their "new world".

  3. di ako nakajoin kasi super busy pa talaga ako, pero di ako busy to visit joiners ng MM! :)

    I thought of my kids' first day in school and their grad as sentimental moments. nakakaiyak lalo na pag kumakanta na sila ng grad song or even moving up songs. samantalang dati, baby na baby pa sila. hayy...thanks for sharing this Joy! It's my sentiment, too!

    Take care!

  4. aw..i am now feeling that feeling too momy hehehe =) my daughter is going to school this year..i dnt know if i can leave her there hehehe =) here's mine -

  5. First day of school. What a big boy!

    Enjoy :)

  6. 1st day is really a big experience for them. it's good he got that needed support from you and his dad.

  7. Hi Ms Joy! Braiden will love it in no time...I can't wait for my sentimental first day at school.