Friday, April 24, 2009

Mommy Moments (Daddy Moments)

mommy moments
This weeks theme for Mommy Moments is showcasing DADDY moments ....

Daddy Moments are the best....

It is such a nice feeling to see my Hubby Joe spend time with the kids..
Joe adores his children, love them to bits . He always say that he is working hard for me and for the kids...
Weather it is a bike riding, swimming,  sailing,  4 wheel driving going on a holiday,, whatever the activities he juts love to spend time with the children,,, and I LOVE HIM for that......!!!!!!!!

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  1. Great moments with dad, captured well. love your 'jungle trek' shot:) Happy mommy moments!

  2. ur husband looks like bruce willis.. ang pogi!!

    love all the photos of them togethere.. he is such cool and loving daddy..

    mine is up at my yena's blog ha.. kamusta ka na joy?? ingat lagi!!

  3. of course, you love him more for his being so loving to his kids. :) you're so blessed too for having a hubby like that! :)

  4. that was really nice to hear from our hubby no, na they are working hard for us :)

    very lovely daddy momentsMake or Break

  5. you have very gorgeous kids...and you're also lucky to have a husband who does everything for his family.

    hope you can visit my mommy moments too. cheers! =)

  6. aw, your husband i sso sweet! =) what's his nationality? most of them are sweet noh? hmmm ang ganda ng sight =) here's mine nmn -

  7. Isa lang masasabi ko, iba talaga ang Papa Joes! You have Joe and I have Jose. Hehehe! La ako tulak kabigin sa mga kuha, lahat beautiful. :)

  8. nice pics as always =) been reading your blog for quite sometime now, nun palang i knew that your hubby is indeed a family man. =) the pictures said it all, loving father

  9. I adore your bonding moments Ms.Joy. Not only they're fun to look at, but it bears a strong bond between Daddy and the kids.

  10. i love your daddy moments Joy!