Friday, March 13, 2009

Toy Hunt (Wild Animal Toy/s)

TOY HUNT time and this week's theme is Wild Animal...

I wanted to show a ferocious wild animal here ,, but I opted for a Cutie...
These are B2 (Bianca) Littlest pet shop collection.
The girl and boy monkeys are happily hanging around while the Panda is trying to be cute and trying to balance himself.....

I took the opportunity to take the photo when I saw B2 carrying her Pet shop house upstairs to her bedroom,, since her massive doll house is also upstairs ,, might as well bring her other toys together,, so that she can play in one spot.... but mind you , she is very good with her toys and she packs them away neatly.... 
Thank Goodness I've got a Neat Freak child!!!! unlike the big sis who is terrible and B1 the boss of the house.... 
I'm just elated to see that B2 is helping me with the chores without being asked and she'd quite good for a 4 year old lil missy.......

Come and join us here in TOY HUNT and see the details here...


  1. cute toys you got there! and congrats for having a neat freak :D

  2. wow! galing naman ng baby mo.. my kids are not neat but they tend to have tis container with toys they favor and bring the container with them where ever part of the house they are (pwera na lang bathroom)

    so cute naman ng wild animals here.. so different from the other.. :)

    Make or Break

  3. Ang cute nga nila. Pwede pala ganyan e! Hehehe! Well, I had some twists in my entry too, sana payag ka.

    Haha! B1 at B2 ang tawag mo? Is that short for Braiden (Boy) Bunso 1 and Bianca (Girl) Bunso 2? Wawa naman Ate Micah; 'di bale she excels in a different level naman eh. Ipaubaya mo na raw ang being neat. :)

  4. I played too! oo nga they're so cute...

  5. Hi Joy,
    ako din, believe ako sa daughter mo, neat freak at an early age! how did you do that?! my kids are so makalat talaga!!! hirap magligpit after magplay! please?!?!?!

  6. nice daughter you have, very neat, organized and disciplined. Those are very cute monkeys and panda.

    This will be my first time to join toy hunt.

  7. Thank you JoyD. Its a great opportunity for me to be a member of this toy hunt, it reminds me of my childhood days.

  8. checking Joy. Cute naman nyan hehehe.