Friday, March 20, 2009

Toy Hunt (Any Disney character toy)

Hello to everyone....
Just before I start my TOY HUNT I would like to greet my boy Braiden  A HAPPY 6th Birthday!!!! Time flies and this precious lil BOY is turning to be a Fine young fella....

And since it his birthday ,, my entry is his  Disney Pixar CARS featuring the Hotshot rookie race car Lightning McQueen and the story of his adventure in Radiator Springs the old town of Old Route 66..
Here are some of the characters ... 
Come and join us here in TOY HUNT and see the details here


  1. My kids have Cars character toys too, but they are freebies from McDonalds Happy Meals :)

    My son would really drool when he sees your entry!!! But I know for a while lang un, Ben10 na kasi gusto niya ngayon e. :)

  2. so cute cars! haven't seen the movie yet but i know i'll love it too when i am older.

  3. Taray Braiden's Cars cool-lection. I love Mater! Az in! Kulit niya e! Nakita mo na ba yung Mater in Tokyo? Coolet!

    Happy birthday ulit kay ever poging Braiden Joseph. Ang "Jose" 'di lang mababait, pogi pa! Hehehe!

    Yup! Dikit talaga tayo!!! ^^

  4. Ahaha collect din kayo nito? Naku dyusme, kids ko kumpleto na talaga. Super sawa na ako lol. By the way, Happy Birthday to your Braiden. Kasing edad lang pala sila ng second child ko.

  5. wow, complete nyo yun cars... :)

    i have an award for you at

  6. Happy birthday to your lil cutie Braiden =) I wish him good health =)**HUGS***

    nice collection... boys really loves car =)

  7. First time here. What a neat idea. Maybe we'll try hunting next week!

  8. hi!!! here's my post for this week's theme -

    ganda nmn ngh cars =)

    ask ko pla how much ang bay alive that poops dyan sanyu??? =) thnks

  9. oh my! that's a lot of cars na may bibig.. hehe that's how my second son calls it.. any characters from the movie Cars, he called it car na may bibig..and for his birthday last March 15, he asked for Lightning's trailer, pero wala ako makita, even the more popular characters are out of stock, that movie made a big big hit on the kids (and on our pocket)LOL will post my entry later..

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