Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleeping Time

mommy moments
Sleeping Time is the theme for this week's Mommy Moments by Mom Chris..

Oh How I love this pic of B1 and B2 ...

This was taken last january when we were on holiday in Qld.. We were on our way back to the Hotel after a long day of sight seeing... my hubby told me to take a pic of the kids . these two are good pals and they love to hang around with each other and seeing them grow together in harmony makes us happy.....

Sleep my darlings................. kisses.........
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  1. so cute. true, there is no greater joy than to see your kids love each other di ba? :)

  2. Lovely children. Pa-kiss din ha? :)

  3. ssoooo cute! nothing makes a mom's heart happy than to see our kids loving each other :) great job mom Joy!