Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sibling Bonding

mommy moments
This week's theme is Sibling Bonding....  

How  I love these photos of B1 B2 and MJ having FUN!!!!!!
Whether they are playing together or just being plain silly,, They are sooo ADORABLE......
B1 and B2 who has a close age gap ,,  and they get along well... although there are times that they would have a petty sibling fight,,, they still get over it and play together ,, play computer side by side or play dress up  and just muck around....
One thing for sure they are precious to me!!!!!!!

So check out Mom Chris site for more bonding time....


  1. ate they're all goodlooking =) ganda combi nyo ni hubby...

  2. and they are all having a good time!
    My first time to joined MommyMoments#1

  3. Hi Mommy Joy...nice to meet you're indeed blessed by God with such wonderful kids...

    i have cousins living in Australia, but not in Sydney ...they're living in NSW.

    pls visit my entry here at

    Happy MM! Nice scrap mommy!!!

  4. nice scrappin' mommy Joy! and they look so happy together.. its really every mom's joy and delight di ba? :)

  5. your kids are cute. i love the pic of the sister kissing her brother. and i agree you made a nice digi-scrapping here :)

  6. the third photo is adorbale! captured talaga ung love nila sa isa't isa.. nice siblings time

    Make or Break

  7. I'm in! Sa wakas nakasali rin hehe. Kakaaliw talaga mga kids mo tsaka inggit ako, may girls ka hehe.Ozlife

  8. Kids these days are so computer savvy.


  9. is that an apple and a mac i see? your kids look so cute at play... goofing around and trying the latest gadgets. techie!

    Mommy Kikamz
    Just About Anything

  10. wow gnda ng design =) ganda ng kids mo tlga hehehe =)

  11. The picture on the lower right is funny. They really look seriously working on their laptops. Have a great week!