Friday, March 27, 2009

Mommy Moments (Summer Holiday )

Here in Australia , we are blessed with a beautiful beaches and sceneries....

I love Australian Summer because our summer is on December  and during this time we would have a long holiday usually 3 weeks and our favourite destination is Hamilton Island .... 
This is the island that was feature about Best Job in the World...
We just fell in love with this place and we just kept going there, we love hiring a Sail Boat and just sail around the Whitsunday  and the best thing is Snorkeling at the GREAT BARRIER REEF.... helicopter ride to see the Heart Reef....
We are too spoiled ,, but my hubby deserve the best Holiday after working really hard!!!
December 2006
June 2007
December 2007    
March 2008  We took my sis JenL on this place

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  1. perfect.... beautiful summer bonding moments you have here!! :D thanks for sharing!

  2. i would love, love for us to go to hamilton island someday. beautiful pics, joy!

  3. wow! what a nice place.. teka makapag apply nga sa trabaho na yan LOL

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