Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beautiful Tasmania

In Two weeks time its going to be a school holiday here in Australia. We love going on a holiday and my hubby and I wants to explore Australia ,, there are plenty of places to go to and explore.. Australia is such a beautiful country and rich with nature and resources . We had been exploring Queensland more often,, and we are thinking of going to Tasmania... my husband had been there and loved it,,, so he wanted me to experience and explore the island..

The population of Tasmania is 494,520 (March 2008). Main centres are Hobart (the capital city with 203,600 people) Launceston (98,500) Burnie (18,000) and Devonport (25,000).

Tasmania is promoted as the Natural State and the "Island of Inspiration" owing to its large and relatively unspoiled natural environment. Formally, almost 37% of Tasmania is in reserves, National Parks and World Heritage Sites. So this would be interesting to see .. My hubby went there to go camping and he said it was really breath taking ... He showed me the site and looking at that spectacular views just make me feel excited to one day visit this beautiful Island
so we are checking on Hobart Accommodation

What’s special about Devonport?

‘The Bluff’ is a beautiful curving beach popular with locals and holidaying visitors.
Surrounded by rich, fertile soil producing over 40 per cent of Tasmania’s vegetable crops.
Excellent surf beaches with the Mersey River also ideal for rowing and sailing. Need to check out the Devonport accommodation

And I also check the Launceston accommodation ,, feeling inspired with this area..

Explore Launceston and feel its history on a guided sightseeing tour with Launceston Historic Walks.

Launceston is Australia's third oldest city. It is filled with character and charm, has retained many of its old buildings and has a rich and colourful past.

Walking tours of Cataract Gorge, old inns, old churches, and Invermay can be arranged, or your own tailored tour for groups and bus tours.

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