Friday, March 6, 2009

Bath time .....

mommy moments

Braiden enjoys his Bath time...

He loves to go in a full bath tub with lots and lots of Bubbles!!!!!!! He likes it there,playing with his bath toys or just making a Santa face!!!!!!

Although I stop giving them a bath at home... instead I give them a warm shower every night .... I stopped it last winter (June here in Oz),, because its cold.... yeah,,, I took their bath time away.... naughty Mom ha ha ha...... I find it too time consuming in the tub.. I really have to stay with them in the bathroom and watch after them ... then it takes me ages to get them out of the tub..... So now instead of bathtime,,its Shower time,,, quick and easy for me and Braiden is sensitive to Bath soap ,, he used to have eczema but now he outgrown it...... and we have plenty of time to read books,, play together in Braiden's room before the kids go to bed..... Easy peasy.....
but everytime we are out on a holidays , I let the children have a bath in the hotel's bath tub.. and holiday time,, we are not rushing and just relaxing and we're on a holiday mode....
This picture was taken 2 years ago when we went on a holiday at Hamilton Island
and this was taken a month ago on a weekend at Novotel Brighton Le sands

Check out Mom Chris Mommy Moments for Bath Time!!!!


  1. looks ,like a lot of fun.. please visit my entries at sweet..pretty..naughty and sweetytots

  2. wow! looks like they enjoyed the tub time!
    you've been to Hamilton Island? di ba un ung hinahanapan ng magbabantay? the best job in the world, so said the news. :)
    the kids must've enjoyed their stay there!

    take care Joy! I'll join the Toy Hunt tomorrow! :)

  3. great pics.... :) by the way, about my post, si kyla and toby used the pail on my mon's place :) while the pink tub you saw, we just borrowed it from their cousin kasi we didnt want to buy a tub anymore for toby since he will evenually outgrow it...

  4. oh nice!!! sarap cguro lagi ng ligo nila??? hmm i really love your kids theyre so adorable =) visit mine to ha =)

  5. true mommy, we'll have to watch them when inside the tub. a bubble bath is great experience too.

  6. hi Ate Joy =)You're right, time consuming talaga lalo na kung baby pa at kasama magbath hihi.. Know what, here naman in Japan, pag winter mas pinapa-bath sa bathtub kesa sa baby bathtub kasi malamig daw =(? culture yata nila talaga yun maghotbath sa gabi...

    Anywayz, your lil brandon is so cute playing woth those bubbles.. kakatuwa.

    Thanks nga po pala sa pag add =)

  7. wow! bubble bath love it! I love the photos they captured the fun in the bath!